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Contracts, Mergers, Commercial Law 

Legal Audits, Compliance, Company Restructuring, Entity Formation and Business Strategies in their legal form

Our legal team possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to provide legal advice to companies (dedicated to industrial, commercial activities or provision of services for lawful profit purposes) in their conformation, organization, contingency management, risk analysis and control, as well as for understanding and interpreting the general corporate system, implementing preventive policies and practices rather than corrective ones.


We litigate matters of protection and for administrative provisions against any authority that is acting outside the existing legal framework. 



Hotel, Housing, and Commercial Developments and mixed-use; Contracts of Sale, Leasing, Transfers, Trusts, Due-dilligdiligence

Our team offers advice and solutions in the structuring, negotiation, and implementation of operations relating to real estate for commercial, tourist, residential or mixed-use, with emphasis on the legal certainty and security of our customers´ heritage. 


Consultancy and management in environmental procedures.

BAC & Cia offers integral solutions in line with an emerging green economy, advising our clients in compliance with national environmental legislation and with the implementation of the highest international standards of sustainability in their production processes. We offer our clients the strategies and processes necessary to carry out their projects.


Legal advice and strategies on permits, certifications, and registration of all types of vessels, negotiation of contracts related to vessels, documentation, and registration of embargos, bonds, and insurance of civil liability on boats.

At BAC & Cia we provide legal advice and strategies to shipping companies, tenants and owners of both domestic and foreign vessels in permits, certifications, and registration of all types of passenger vessels, cargo, recreation, fishing, and dredging, under the Mexican flag.


Preparation and negotiation of a wide range of contracts related to vessels, including for construction, purchase, sale, financing, and leasing, as well as for passenger transportation, nautical tourism, and cargo. Documentation and registration of embargos, taxation, bonds and civil liability insurance on boats.


National and International Tax strategy and planning, Personal Estate Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Administrative Procedures

We offer complete and innovative solutions in tax matters seeking synergy between the models, plans or business schemes of our clients and tax provisions. We take care of administrative tax processes and protection.



National and International Tax strategy and planning, Personal and Corporate Estate Planning, Corporate Restructuring, Business Strategies 

We offer comprehensive and innovative solutions, plans and business schemes, including the necessary legal provisions to carry out their activities in accordance with the legal Mexican framework.


Entity Formation, Document Ratification, Facts, Contracts of Sale, Trusts, etc.

We provide our clients with comprehensive notarial solutions with our commercial partners and under our supervision in order to give them the necessary advice for their business and estate planning needs. 

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